Friday, July 04, 2014


Fancy a pub crawl along the Yorkshire Tour de France route? Here's a guide in my magazine, Barmcake.

Barmcake provides northern entertainment for the middle-aged. I feel there is nothing out there to cater for a man or woman of a certain age who likes particular music, comedy, pubs, plays, exhibitions and books.

I was fed up of reading free mags with editorial dumped in with no attempt to attract the reader. I wanted to bring together all the interesting stuff on performers and venues’ websites, some of it well-known, some of it not, add interviews and striking photographs, and write features that can’t be read anywhere else.

I also wanted to attract readers who live, say, in Leeds, and travel to shows in Manchester and Sheffield. It’s not as if the cities are 200 miles away from each other, yet websites and magazines tend to stick to their patches.

I didn’t want all this to be lost on yet another website, cluttered with links and dowdy Google keyword headlines. I didn’t want the articles to appear in an over-designed, sub-NME magazine, with acres of six-point text you have to squint at, or in the sort of lifestyle mag I saw recently, where the main feature was a youth reviewing his breakfast.

To find out more go to Barmcake magazine

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